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Fair Hill Primary School, Kinallen, Dromore


Welcome to the SEAG page,

The grammar school exam can be a daunting time, so we have uploaded a selection of material to help prepare your child. It is important to be consistent over the summer and after taking a two week break, aim to complete two papers a week minimum. Further work can be completed in the first term in P7. It is important to look at the SEAG website online to get further information about the exam and instructions about how to register-this is a parental responsibility and is not done through the primary school.

There are a number of past AQE papers uploaded here. Whilst the exam has changed to a company called SEAG; the content and level of difficulty is very similar. Your child will get used to the exam technique (selecting a, b, c , d ,e etc) from their preparatory work in P6 and the tests they will complete in P7. Completing past AQE papers is good preparation.


In terms of difficulty the AQE paper 2009 is the easiest so this is a good place to start and work through the years up to 2012. (Answers are included).Then there are some other materials to look at such as the L4 papers and some  sample papers.  Some of these are in the SEAG format and the P6 children will be used to this layout.


A revision booklet is also included in case your child needs to revisit some topics or learn unknown facts.


Confidence is the key to success and remind your child that the pass mark can go up or down depending on the difficulty of the paper, marks can be irregular. 


Careful explanation of corrections is key to making progress. If they don't know the answer to a question it is good to go over mistakes with your child. Children will need parental support and encouragement. Please start your preparation early because the exam comes around very quickly.

We hope you will find the materials useful.