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Fair Hill Primary School, Kinallen, Dromore

Pastoral Care


At Fair Hill the happiness and welfare of our pupils is central to our ethos. We strive to provide a friendly, welcoming and caring environment where children are happy in their learning. We aim to raise self-esteem in all of our pupils and make them feel that they are a valuable part of our school community. 

The report from our last full inspection stated that:

The parents highlighted their appreciation of the high quality of care provided for the children and the hard working, approachable staff.

In the nursery unit, the children’s all round development and progress in all areas of the pre-school curriculum is very good.

Throughout the school the children are courteous, well behaved and engage positively in their learning. They are respectful of their teachers and each other and show high levels of interest, motivation, engagement and enjoyment in their class work. Across all classes, the children listen attentively, settle quickly to their tasks, and work well in pairs and small groups. They can self-manage and undertake a range of roles, building on their confidence and self-esteem.

The children have a positive attitude towards literacy and attain good outcomes. Their talking and listening skills are well developed; they are articulate and keen to express their views.

The children’s standards in numeracy are good. They have a good mathematical awareness and engage well in their learning during purposeful activities.

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