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**Please note that NO items that contain NUTS can be brought into the classroom** 
Hi everyone, 
We would just like to welcome you to Primary 7 and look forward to seeing you all back in school next Monday- 24th August. The times are 9.00am-2:50pm this week and please enter/exit the classroom through the side door beside Mr. Wood's classroom. Temperature checks will take place at this time. If you have a sibling who is leaving school at 2pm you may collect your P7 child at 2pm also. Please make sure your child knows your arrangements for pick up. We are very much looking forward to seeing the classroom become alive again with pupils and I'm sure you will look forward to seeing your friends and teachers. KS2 teachers are on a rota this week.  
Mrs. Kelly will be teaching Primary 7 on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Mrs. Lynas will be teaching Primary 7 on a Thursday and Friday from Tuesday 1st September onwards. The times will be 9.15 until 2.50 pm to facilitate staggered start times throughout the school. 
If you were able to get a copy of Under the Hawthorne Tree please bring to school from Tuesday 1st September onwards (we will keep this at your desk). Please label it with your name. If you haven't been able to do this, we have some copies in school and this will mean we won't have to share. This novel will help us to understand the Victorian and famine topic that we study this term. 
Don't forget to bring any dinner money in an envelope and this will be collected in class. Lunches must be placed into an easily wiped plastic lunch box that can be sanitised at night. Change will be credited towards the next payment you need to make to the school. 
We are beginning to put together a database of parent emails, please could you send Mrs. Kelly or Mrs. Lynas an email address and notify us of a change of mobile number or address. 
Homeworks will be sent home as a booklet to keep at home as we are advised that paper contact between home and school should be kept to a minimum. Answers will be sent home and we would appreciate it if you could quickly mark these as your child completes them. Children will do one page of maths on a Monday night and one English homework on a Wednesday night. They will also be set a learning homework during the week which they will be tested on at the end of the week. In addition, spelling activities will be set on Monday to complete during the week. A spelling test will be completed in class on a Friday. The spelling book with the activities will remain at home. Your child will bring home a new list each week and will stick this into their spelling book at home. 
Primary 7 may need some help completing their homework, but if you feel they are experiencing great difficulties please notify us by email. 
Reading books will be given out and these will remain in a quarantine box for two days before another group may use the same book. Reading will be set in their reading diary. 
Please provide your own stationery for school in a wipeable pencil case/plastic box- no felt pencil cases please. Coats will be kept in school bags under the desk. A small bottle of sanitiser and wipes will be used to sanitise your child's desk/ hands before they eat. Please bring these to school when you arrive on the first day alongside a packet of tissues. Regular and thorough handwashing will take place throughout the day supervised by the teacher. Please top up stationery when required. Stationery stays in school. 
Please bring trainers in your school bag each day. We hope to participate in the mile a day most days or a session of outdoor PE-weather permitting. 
Further guidance will be issued on the school app by Mr. Brown and we will update the website should procedures need to change. 
AQE children will soon be sitting their first paper in class. They will sit their past papers in class on a Monday and Thursday and Mr. Brown will run AQE club on a Tuesday and Friday. (2-2.50pm). We appreciate that these children are in difficult circumstances to sit this exam this year and we will endeavour to give them the best support we can. Please dedicate yourself to help them through corrections each week and to boost their self confidence when you can. Memorising and recalling information set in learning homeworks is crucial when helping your child to work at speed. 
We look forward to working with you and your child this year. Please contact Ena by telephone should you need to speak to a teacher urgently. Mrs. Cochrane will be the classroom assistant in our class this year. 
Please support us as we aim to have the highest levels of safety for your children and ourselves. 
Yours faithfully, 
Mrs.Kelly and Mrs. Lynas 
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