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Dear parent,  
We are in the middle of very challenging times and it is important that the work which is set does not become a source of stress for either you or your child. Daily tasks will be set, but can be completed at any stage during that week. I would encourage you to keep reading with your children and to practise simple number bonds and high frequency spellings regularly.  
Please stay safe and remember, we don't expect you to be teachers. Spend time learning together and let them show you what they can already do - they are already little experts in lots of ways! I can be contacted on nannett968@c2kni.net if any of the children would like to send pictures of their work. 👩🏻‍🦰 
Take care, 
Mrs Annett 

😎😎Summer is here! 😎😎 

Well done P3! We made it to the end of June.🥰 A big thank you to all the parents and people who have helped you to get this far with your online learning. I think you need to give them a huge hug and say thank you for all their help. A big well done to each of you too! You have been stars and it has been lovely to receive your emails, your voice messages, your emojis, text messages and pictures on purple mash. I have loved them all! I can't wait to see you all in person again. Perhaps we will bump into each other over the summer, but if we don't we will hopefully see each other back at Fair Hill next term. 
I have set some lovely tasks this week for you to enjoy. I am not setting out specific literacy or numeracy tasks. You can have a look through them and choose ones which you think would be fun for you to enjoy. 
You can continue to complete the tasks over the summer to keep your skills sharp. Continue to practise number bonds to 100 for P4 and continue to read as much as you can! Perhaps you can complete the Silly Squad Summer Challenge for Libraries NI. 📕📗📘 
Have a wonderful summer P3. Please stay safe but have fun whatever you do! I look forward to hearing about all of your adventures when I see you next!  
Mrs Annett 👩🏻‍🦰 

Work for week beginning 15th June 
READING: continue to choose a book from Oxford Owl or from Harper Collins to read this week. Keep on with spellings and High Frequency words. 

This week we are exploring BBC Bitesize. It has a wealth of resources which you can tap into at any stage if you want to refresh your child's knowledge of the topics that have been covered this year. 
Numeracy - Scroll down through the window above to access the Mr Pumpernickel video above (the funny man with the purple headbands!) to recap on what we have learned so far about money. Now access the following link to watch two videos about working out the value of money. Try the quiz at the end. Ignore the references to multiplication. For example: to find out what 4 10ps are worth we can add 10p+10p+10p+10p. Value of money 
Literacy - Access the following webpage.  
Press the arrow button to access the site. Today we are looking at Ursula and her activities - Reading and Understanding/ Using a contents page/Signs, headings and captions. For each of the activites start with the easy level before moving up. 
Numeracy - Working out the value of money ourselves Adding money to 20p 
Literacy - Today we are having a look at summer safety. Watch Sammy Seagull's powerpoint. 
On purple mash I have set a 'Sun Safety' leaflet. Tell me all the ways they can stay safe in the sun using pictures and words.  
If you would prefer to print off a sheet and write/draw on it instead, there is one attached below. Only complete one task! 
Numeracy - Ice creams Can you use your counting skills to work out the cost of the ice-creams? Use the back of the page, or your work book to create 5 ice-creams for some one at home to buy. Draw out the coins and ask your mum or dad to work out how much it will cost them to buy your ice cream! 
Literacy - Back to BBC bitesize for our spelling focus. https://www.bbc.co.uk/games/embed/small-town-superheroes  
Find Steve and Annie for tricky word endings/spelling tricky words/sounding out words/same sound different spelling. Again, start at the easy level. 
Numeracy - Money word problems. Try the first level, but if you want a challenge - you can try the next level!  
Literacy - Practical literacy today! Do you remember our outdoor noun hunt in school? We went to the pitch and walked all around the school to find a whole whiteboard full of nouns. I would love you to do the same today. Take a blank page and find as many nouns as you can inside and outside your home. (Remember a noun is a person, place or thing). Now choose 5 of them and write an interesting sentence about them.  
Numeracy - Summer code breaking Challenge yourself with these code-breaking sheets. You can start at level one, two or three. 
Literacy - Our final focus on BBC bitesize for the week: https://www.bbc.co.uk/games/embed/small-town-superheroes 
This time find Ernie and our very own Ena! Try Punctuation - full stops, capital letters and commas with Ernie and Sight words and parts of words with Ena. 
WAU:We are continuing with our summer topic this week. Try out the crafts below: 
Your work on your senses at the seaside was excellent last week! As I was reading them I was able to imagine that I was actually at the seaside, feeling the sand between my toes, hearing the cries of the seagulls, watching the crashing of the waves and tasting the salty chips! Well done P3. You were fabulous! 😎😎😎 

Work for week beginning 8th June 

Hello boys and girls.👩🏻‍🦰  
It has been lovely to read all of your brilliant stories this week. I wish that I could capture them all in a book for us to keep! We have had stories about unicorns, genies, magic carpets, castles, black knights, detective dogs and cats which talk and rescue people and even mechanics who become farmers! I have been reading about ice-cream from Rathfriland, elephants who can hula hoop, jungles, rabbits, hamsters, pirates and even Santa! 🤶🏻 It has been so lovely reading all of them. Well done to you all.💖 
If we were in school I think I would bring you all up to the pitch for a picnic to celebrate and we would read all of the stories to each other. 🍰🧃🍪🍏🍓 
Daniel and Harry and I camped out in the garden overnight this week! It was great, although I didn't get much sleep as the boys were on the air bed and I was on the ground! It was lovely to waken up to hear the birds singing their dawn chorus though and thankfully it didn't rain! 😴 
Hopefully you were all able to measure capacity - there are some lovely photos of some of you doing this. This week we are going to do a little more measuring. We are also going to think about summer! 🌞🌞 
Have a lovely week. Remember to be kind to those around you and find something good each day to be thankful for.  
Mrs Annett 👩🏻‍🦰 
How are you all getting on with your reading? 📕📗📘📖 Keep accessing the books on Oxford Owl and Harper Collins. Perhaps you are reading some of your own books at home? Let me know which books you have enjoyed and perhaps it will encourage other boys and girls in the class to read them!  
Literacy - We are heading to the beach today on Purple Mash. 'Our Senses At The Seaside'. Can you create a senses sheet which describes what you see, hear, smell, taste and touch? If you would prefer to write about what you can see around you instead, there is a different sheet attached below. 
Numeracy - Looking at litres. Ask someone at home to find a jug which holds 1 litre. Look at how much water it holds. Now try to complete the following activity. 
Literacy - Today we are using our alphabet to put things in order! I hope that you are eating lots of fruit in this good weather. Can you put the fruits in order? You might need to write out your alphabet first to keep you right!  
Numeracy - We are litre detectives today!  
Literacy - We have heard about lots of NHS and Key Worker superheroes while we have been in lockdown. Now I want to hear about your favourite superheroes. Just choose one sheet to complete. 
Numeracy - Remember how we found the area that a shape covered by counting the cubes in class? This task asks you to do the same. Count the squares to find out how much space the shape is covering. Purple Mash - 'Area of a shape'. 
Literacy - Today it's phonics focus! Purple Mash 'igh' and 'ear' 
Numeracy - We are practising our number work for the rest of the week. We need to keep those skills sharp! 🧐 
Purple Mash - A-fish-metic 
Literacy - Final literacy for the week! 'The Dancer and the Baker' Purple Mash. Remember: A noun is a naming word, a verb is a doing word and an adjective is a describing word. Can you sort them out? 
Numeracy - More number work today. Try out Purple Mash Bond Bubbles Challenges A and B. Then Funky Platform. This one moves quickly but when you have practised a bit it's fun! Move the calculator using your arrow keys. 
WAU:Summer is nearly here!😎😎 We have looked at the season of Spring and now for the next three weeks we will think about summer. It will be a different summer in some ways this year but there will be lots of things which will be the same and lots of things to look forward to! Our first WAU activity is a painting one. I have set a Paint Project on Purple Mash for you to try. I am also attaching a read and colour activity and an ice-cream craft idea. I just wish that the ice-cream could magically become real when it is made!🍦🍧🍨 


In school we use oxford reading tree books alongside some harper collins books. There are free e books on both websites for your child to enjoy. I would encourage you to access them to read together. There are a range of books on each website alongside other activities to accompany the book. 
Try to encourage your child to read a range of books – both fiction and non-fiction. Ask them questions about what they have read. Help them to sound out any words which they find difficult to read and spend time on the high frequency words which they already have in their pack. 
Browse the e books section – use the 6-7 year group as a guide. Your child may be able to read at a higher or lower level. Aim for them to be able to read most of the words but be challenged by a few! 
Click on teacher sign in icon. 
Username - parents@harpercollins.co.uk 
Password - Parents20! 
Click on Collins Big Cat. 
Again, there is a wide range of books available for all levels. If you aim to start at the yellow band and work upwards from there. There is a facility to have the book read to your child. I would recommend that they try to read the book first with your help (you may need to turn the sound down if it reads automatically). There is a question section at the end. Then the book could be read to them by pressing the arrow button. 

What have P3 been up to? 

Isabella has already been learning about capacity! Well done Isabella - it's a great idea to do this activity outside as it can become a bit messy! 😎😎😮 
Elliott has been sorting and climbing! 🏃🏻‍♂️ 
Sophie has already been working hard this week! Can you spot her hard work on her challenges and adding/subtracting 11? 🧐 
Can you spot Joshua's avatar in his description of the lambs? 🐏🐑 Alfie has been working hard at his virtual sports day! Look at him balancing that egg on the spoon! Check out his description of the lambs too! Lovely! 🏃🏻‍♂️ 
Look at the amazing gorilla Harry drew all by himself! He also wrote some great sentences using his spellings last week. Well done Harry! 🦍🦍 
Hannah Rankin has been very busy with Noah and Abbie! She has also created a beautiful family tree. Well done Hannah! 🌳🌳 
Well done Katie - working hard at her family tree! She has also drawn a beautiful tulip and written some exciting sentences! 🌳🌳Sadie has created lovely descriptions of the lambs that her Granda has. Well done Sadie! 🐑🐏 
Pippa has planted her fairy garden and it has grown! She also made an amazing family tree like Julia Donaldson. Well done Pippa! 👪 
Jude Green has been out exercising again! Can you guess where he has been walking? 🚶🏻‍♂️🚶🏻‍♂️  
Sophie has been out and about collecting signs of spring with her family.😎 
Katie has been finding lots of signs of spring! 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️ 
Hannah wrote and illustrated super sentences! Well done Hannah!  
Super ideas for keeping safe in the sun Katie! I love your pictures. 😍 
Lovely memories of P3 from Sophie. 
Well done on sorting fiction and non-fiction books Elliot! 
Look at Katie completing the challenges!  
(and well done mummy for the beautiful pic collages!) 
Super answers from Harry about spiders! 
Excellent work on capacity Isabella! 
Look where Hannah is going to visit if she develops superhero powers! 😎 
Look at the amazing house Elliot has created! It has bunk beds and a cat bed, cars, motorbikes, helicopter pad, 2 alarms and a tv. 2 entrances, 1 for the bathroom and the other for the whole house. Perhaps you will be an architect when you are older Elliot! 
A fantastic family tree by Annie! Lots of research has gone into this! Well done Annie! 
Evie won the P3 Superstar award! Super work Evie!  
Katie won personality of the year! Well done Katie!
Lovely memories from Katie!  
What a lovely memory from Josh. 
Super capacity work Katie! 
Good girl Sophie! Carefully measuring for our capacity topic. 
Hannah Rankin made an excellent 'stay safe in the sun' poster! It's a pity Mrs Annett can't get it to turn round the right way!😮 . 
Another super 'stay safe in the sun' poster from Sophie! Well done Sophie! 😎 
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